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    Covid-19: Last-minute travel updates

    We are as excited as you are about dusting off the backpack and getting back out into the big, wide world! If you are chomping at the bit and want to know …

    13 Ideas for Unusual Holidays in Europe

    Gone are the days when busy beach resorts and commercial coach tours on the continent were what we wanted for our holidays. Today’s modern travellers are journeying further and more responsibly to …

    Top 7 places to practice your Spanish

    Spanish is spoken by over 430 million people worldwide and is the 2nd most spoken language by native speakers in the world. With 21 countries, who have Spanish as their official language, there is plenty of choice, so we have created our top Spanish speaking countries to travel to!

    11 of the Best Places for Horse Riding Holidays

    Spending your holiday exploring a new country on horseback might seem like an unusual way to travel, but horseback riding holidays are growing in popularity as a unique and alternative way to …

    Online Volunteering Opportunities

    We have received so much support from previous and future volunteers – thank you to you all, it is wonderful to see how many of you are keen to support our charity …

    How to Work in New Zealand

    Packing a suitcase, getting on a plane and leaving your old life behind you; a daunting but thrilling prospect of travel, adventure and discovery. Many people dream of escaping to paradise for …

    21 of the Best Treks in the World

    There is no better way to experience nature’s beauty and splendour combined with a human’s tenacity and desire than a trek across and through some of the world’s greatest peaks and sights. …

    43 things to do before you’re 30

    Dreams and aspirations drive us and give us purpose. They make us feel alive, like we’re thriving and on top of the world. We feel unstoppable. The world really is our oyster. …

    What is Ecotourism?

    Travel is good for the soul. It expands the mind – and our hearts. And it helps us realise life’s most important purpose, which is to love and respect everyone around us …

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