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  • Trustpilot
    • To give your all to the programme that you have signed up to, work hard and approach tasks with a positive attitude
    • To respect the cultural attitudes and practices of those you meet and work with in the host country
      To show a responsible and professional attitude at work and to do the job assigned to you to the best of your ability
    • To keep your accommodation clean and tidy
    • To inform the rep/ coordinator if you are going off travelling during the project and to let them know the planned date of return
    • To make sure that you are available to work when required (eg: getting up on time, returning on time from travels)
    • To let somebody know if there is a problem – if we do not know about it, we cannot help to fix it
    • To respect others within the group and refrain from any abusive or unkind behaviour
    • To respect the environment, taking a responsible approach towards litter and using scarce resources
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