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  • Trustpilot

    Oyster Worldwide is a well-regarded
    gap year travel and responsible
    travel specialist.


    We have travelled the world looking for the best projects for you


    Knowledgeable and passionate globetrotting staff


    Highly rated on Trustpilot and 95% contentment rating on internal feedback


    We plant a tree for every person who travels with us


    Personal and supportive customer experience

    Peace of mind

    We follow best practice for your safety, financial security and well-being

    Many of our projects were founded in 2006 and have been nurtured and supported by us ever since. We are known for running life-changing gap year programs, giving you the opportunity to make a genuine contribution and for the first class support you receive.

    Want to get paid work or volunteer abroad?
    Oyster’s wide range of popular gap year programmes, career break projects and volunteering breaks allow you to get under the skin of a country and to do something worthwhile whilst there.

    View all projects

    Our gap year volunteering projects are suitable for school leavers, gap year students, those taking career breaks, families and people in retirement – a real highlight of our volunteering trips in particular is the wide range of people that you come across from all round the world.

    Planning your trip with Oyster Worldwide could not be easier, with all of our staff members having done their own gap adventures and responsible travel.

    5 5

    “Oyster made my trip very comfortable and enjoyable. After
    speaking to people who had arrived at the project through
    different organisations it was clear that Oyster was the best
    organisation to book through as they provided useful and
    clear information.”

    Destination of the month

    South Africa

    Known to be one of the most diverse countries in Southern Africa, this country is a haven for animal lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and adventure travellers. Its rugged coastlines, diverse landscapes and plethora of game reserves mean that a trip to South Africa is a must for all bucket lists.

    Many Oyster travellers choose to maximise their experience in South Africa and join several of our projects. We offer a £50 discount per project if you choose to combine.

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